First, we assess together your general capabilities,  future potential,  level of energy, lifestyle and desires. 

 I give you the impulse and confidence to define a goal  that  seemed nearly unreachable to you.

 We go through potential hurdles that you may  encounter by  visualising and practicing them.  

 You will receive tools, traits and techniques to  manouver your way  to the finish.

 We meet at the finish line. 


 At the beginning stands the START, 

 ... the right START.

 A START that has a FINISH in mind, not just starting something.


 Start with the strong desire and plan to finish! 



 Saturdays and/or Sundays,

 Minimum 8 hours coaching, in Corseaux or

 Costa Brava. Details provided through email.

 1 or 2 participants.

 Nice idea as a present for someone. 





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