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 54 years old, 1.92m, 82kg, 11% BodyFat 

 3 children, Single 

 4 languages 

 Lived on 4 continents 

 Living in Corseaux, Switzerland 


 Food Engineer Master Degree 

 30 years with the World's largest Food Company 

 Worked in USA, Argentina, Thailand, German and French Switzerland 

 Heading the 3 largest Pilot Factory Plants in the Food Industry 

 16 bosses from 6 Nationalities 

 Leading team of 4,  conducting 17  3 day seminars 

   with 25 participants each, in 17 Asian/African countries within only 13 months 

 Instructed small team that industrialised from scratch 25 new beverages in 

   14 Asian/LatinAmerican countries within only 10 months 

 Overseeing 75 beverage production lines in 13 Asian Countries for  

   the World's largest Beverage Company  

 Inventing and industrialising  a  food process technology 

    that very remarkably increased worldwide production capacity 




IRONMAN CERTIFIED COACH: One of only a few in Switzerland

4D PRO Reaction Sling Trainer Certified Instructor: Only one in Switzerland

3  years in a row Gold Award from World Triathlon Corporation for Top 1%

IRONMAN: Consistently  Top10% of AgeGroup and Top20% of all participants 

 35 full distance IRONMAN races (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run) 

 Personal best 10 hours 6 minutes in 2015 

 30 half distance IRONMAN races, personal best 4 hours 56 minutes 

 Qualification for 3 World Championships in Hawaii, Florida and Las Vegas 

 Number 21 of 6500 IronmanAge Groupers in worldwide ranking 2015 

 Number 2 of 400 German Ironman AgeGroupers in 2015 

 8 times Finisher of longest Moutainbike Race in the World in 11 hours 

 Marathon time of 3hours 3 minutes  (Top5% of AgeGroup, Top10% of all ) 

 Grand Prix GP Berne 16km in 1 hour 7 minutes  (Top 0.6% of all participants ) 

 340km unassisted Solo Bike Ride non-stop in 11 hours 26minutes 

 Average training time per week : 12 hours 

 Resting heart rate 42.

Featured in Lifestyle Magazine MIS:


Mindset / Vision 

 Work-Life Synergy instead of Work-Life Balance (... Counterbalance)  

 Help others to become more energetic, result oriented, thriving to  

   accomplish something to be proud of, increasing satisfaction, happiness 

 Counteract misleading and unspecific nutritional advise 

 Share experiences made during diverse and challenging career 

 Fast decision making as means to eliminate  burdens carried around 

 Improve own work,life,sport performance by coaching others 

 Straight forward, outspoken, impatient, challenging 


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