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The START Concept

I get you started. You get it done. See you at the Finish line.


The unique, individual, intimate, motivational coaching experience, in a breath-taking setting at Corseaux,  for those seeking the right impulse to accomplish the extraordinary in work, sport, and life in general.

Assess your potential, set challenging goals, develop perseverance, push through, and finish.

I help you especially with the right start and also on your way to the finish.

35 Ironman finishes, top 1% in worldwide age group 50-54y ranking, 30 years of international management experience with 150 business trips to 30 countries, objective setting and coaching for a few hundred team members, Master Diploma as Food Engineer and self-made specialised Nutrition Specialist.

Similar to a wellness weekend, or a private Ski Lesson, you instead get a potentially life changing and inspiring 1 on 1 with an accomplished work/sport/life finisher.


You will be able to recognize all principle elements needed to accomplish the extraordinary: body, mind, tools, emotions, planning, feedback, nutrition, energy.


Not just for sport, but for work and life challenges alike.

I give you the starting impulse!

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